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Video Marketing Scotland

Another new website launched recently, this time for my own video marketing business called AA Video Solutions.

Adobe CC

I have mainly used Adobe products for the past 15 years of web designing and it was the same again for this website.

Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Fireworks were all used in the design process.

Adobe Premier Pro CC and iMovie were used in creating the videos for my clients.

To visit the website Click Here

Web Design Glasgow


New Web Design – Autoship Systems UK

Autoship Systems UK

Autoship Systems UK

I have recently launched the new website for Autoship Systems UK.

The design involved creating a website to be responsive, modern but also retain some graphics and other elements of the older ‘.com’ site.

Adobe Comp

I started off with an initial sketch of the layout. I then gave the latest Adobe CC apps a go on my iPad including Adobe Comp. This proved useful in setting out a basic layout.


To create the design the website I used the latest Adobe CC software including Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Fireworks CS6 (still very handy).

The site needed an initial visual impact so I opted for a full width image of containers on a cargo ship.


I tested the design on all devices including Mac, laptop, iPad and Smartphone and tweaked the size and style depending on any layout problems.

My client was kept informed and shown various demo pages throughout the design process. Once they were satisfied with the colour scheme and layout I created pages of content based on their information and documents.

Web Design – Pollok House Arts Society

Website launch

Police house arts society screenshot

I have now launched the new website for Glasgow based Pollok House Arts Society.

The website design included 6 main profile images of the artists who would be performing for the society during the 2015/2016 season.

The sketch of Pollok House also had to be included in the main header of the website. I customised a WordPress template and the results are very satisfying. My client chose the colour scheme of the site which was established after several demo pages were reviewed and altered.

Website for PHAS ( )

Web Design Glasgow

I recently completed a web design for my new client Glasgow based Victory Bible College. The brief was to create a website which would be easy to navigate, have a responsive design and highlight their courses available.

Web Design Screenshot

Victory Bible College

Here is the link to their website I designed.

Victory Bible College

AA Web Solutions

Classical Musicians Scotland Youtube Video

Another Youtube video created to promote my clients business.

This was slightly more time consuming than some other videos. Three different pieces of music were edited and inserted into the short promotional video.

Classical Musicians Scotland is the first agency of its kind in Scotland, representing some of the finest vocal and instrumental talent in the country.

Policing Youth Violence: Transatlantic Connections

I created another promotional video recently. This time it was for a client Professor Ross Deuchar.

He wanted to highlight his book “Policing Youth Violence: Transatlantic Connections”. I scanned books, edited video footage and uploaded the short promotional film to Youtube.

Web Design Promotion Video

I recently created a promotional video for my web design  services. Short films and video are proving more and more popular with users and clients.

I have also recently been commissioned to create a new promo video for a client. I will publish details of this in the near future.

New Aptitude website launched

aptitude test screenshot

Aptitude Test Web Design

I recently completed a new website design for Aptitude Online. The design brief was for a responsive web design with a business and learning look and feel.

For the photographs featured on the website I decided to take my own shots. I opted for mainly macro photos of note taking, pens and general learning.

I opted for a bootstrap powered navigation as this allowed great transition between desktop and mobile devices.

Aptitude Online features hundreds of numerical, verbal and psychometric questions to practice online.

Low carbon web design

wind turbine powering PC

I have a keen interest in creating websites using technology and resources which are as green as possible.

The most damaging aspect of some designs is the size and amount of images on a site. Higher emissions of CO2 are produced by large image dominated sites, due to more loading and processing.

If you must have images on your site then reducing the original size and optimising them for the web is essential.

Choosing a web host which uses sustainable energy such as solar or wind power for hosting your site can be another step towards your green credentials.

Contact me if you are interested in acquiring a green web design or want to know more green hosting.

Gaining new web design clients

leaflet delivery


Sometimes the best ways are the old ways.

Using social media and technology can be great for attracting new clients but I have found that one of the best ways is pound the pavements and deliver leaflets yourself around the local area.

I have had a great response nearly every time I deliver a batch of leaflets around Bearsden, Milngavie and Glasgow.

Andrew Gillies of Argomas Ltd is one of my recent clients who first contacted me after seeing a leaflet I delivered.

Here is his website I developed. Argomas Ltd Glasgow

ARGoMAS Ltd has evolved into a unique “one-stop-shop” independent consultancy, providing specialised business management system services to a wide variety of business sectors in Glasgow, Scotland and the UK.