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Shree Boutique Web Design

Shree Boutique Hair and Beauty Salon are based in Bearsden near Glasgow.

A responsive design was one of their main requirements to enable smartphone browsing clients to view their services easily.

New Logo

shree boutique logo

Adobe Illustrator enabled me to create a new logo for the business based on ideas they had suggested. Choosing the font was crucial and my client had a certain look in mind. I also had to use the pen tool to create the Shree icon.

The site was created using Dreamweaver utilising Bootstrap for efficient responsiveness. CSS3 was used extensively in creating the look and feel of the website.

Shree Boutique Hair and Beauty Salon Screenshot

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Shree Boutique

Technology Used

Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Fireworks
Adobe Photoshop

New logo design

ComSpare logo

I have recently completed the logo design for a new company called ComSpare. The remit was to design a logo for a future retail website selling Computer Spare parts such as hard drives and graphics cards.

I initially designed 6 different logos for my client to choose from. They then chose their favourite design style.

I then focused on producing a few different variations of this design and my clients then chose the one that best suited their needs.

The logo has now been added to the Logo Design page of AA Web Solutions. I look forward to designing the e-commerce website.